Fantasy football lets you try your hand at being the owner and manager of a football team. After you join a league, you begin to scout for and draft players, competing against other fantasy team owners, with the aim of winning the championship. This is one of the easiest games to play. However, the competition is high.

Here is what happens in a season;

1) Sign up at a DFS sites – The first step on the journey is to sign up at a DFS site. We have lifted the best DFS sites of 2020 here.
2) Find a League You can either join a public league, where anyone can play, or a private league with your friends where you need an invitation to play. Be sure to understand the type of league that you can join as well as the rules of that league. It is one of the most important selections that you will make.
3) Scout and Draft Player – The next step is scouting and drafting your players. You will need to research all of the available players so that you can rank them according to your personal preference before setting up your roster in line with the leagues rules. During the draft each fantasy owner selects one NFL player at a time until the rosters are completed. You must focus on drafting for each position so that you have a full roster of positions.

During the NFL season, the real teams face each other. At this point your players real time stats are converted into fantasy stats and your scoring occurs. The goal is to win as many games as possible. You can make improvements and drop players as you go, replacing them with free agents. Hopefully your team makes the playoffs and wins the league. Only the last team standing can win the trophy.

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